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About Bilbao


Bilbao is located in the Iberian Peninsula, in its eastern Atlantic watershed, 19 metres above sea level, and it covers an area of 41.6  square kilometres. Its impressive transportation infrastructure  connects it to the rest of Europe by air, land and sea.

Bilbao is the core of a metropolitan area with more than one million  inhabitants. Since its foundation, more than 700 years ago, it has been the fundamental factor and the main socio-economic axis around  which the Vizcaya region has set its modernisation process in motion.

Bilbao has a humid marine climate. The westerly winds and the sea  moderating influences bring mild temperatures and a temperate  climate all year round. The average temperatures are 8ºC in winter  and 20ºC in summer ( Bilbao weather). Bilbao features mild winters and moderately hot  summers, and rains are more frequent in spring and autumn.





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