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Track 7. Intelligent Robots & Systems

T7.S1 - Robotics I
Chairs: Antoni Grau and Yolanda González
Sala TV
11:30 - 13:00, Monday September 13th
Order ETFA Ref. Title / Authors
1 003689 An Application of the Underactuated Nonlinear H-infinity Controller to Two-Wheeled Self-Balanced Vehicles
Guilherme Vianna Raffo, Vicente Madero, Manuel Gil Ortega
2 002607 Sampling-based Safe Path Planning for Robotic Manipulators
Bakir Lacevic, Paolo Rocco
3 003743 General Environment for Human Interaction with a Robot Hand-Arm System and Associated Elements
Jose Fortin, Raul Suarez
4 000493 High Precision Motion Control of Parallel Robots with Imperfections and Manufacturing Tolerances
Islam S. M. Khalil, Edin Golubovic and Asif Sabanovic
T7.S2 - Robotics II
Chairs: Antoni Burguera and Fabrizio Abrate
Sala TV
14:00 - 16:00, Tuesday September 14th
Order ETFA Ref. Title / Authors
1 001449 A Trajectory Based Framework to Perform Underwater SLAM using Imaging Sonar Scans
Antoni Burguera, Gabriel Oliver, Yolanda González
2 002291 Beyond RatSLAM: Improvements to a Biologically Inspired SLAM System
Niko Sünderhauf, Peter Protzel
3 002275 Cooperative Robotic Teams for Supervision and Management of Large Logistic Spaces: Methodology and Applications
Fabrizio Abrate, Basilio Bona, Luca Carlone, Marina Indri
000248 Multi-source Sound Localization using the Competitive K-means Clustering
Byoung-gi Lee, JongSuk Choi
000922 Comparison of Mapping Techniques in Appearance-Based Topological Maps Creation
Lorenzo Fernandez Rojo, Luis Paya Castello, Oscar Reinoso Garcia, Jose Maria Marin Lopez, Arturo Gil Aparicio
T7.S3 - Robotics III
Chairs: Dietrich Paulus and Alberto Ortiz
Sala TV
09:00 - 11:00, Wednesday September 15th
Order ETFA Ref. Title / Authors
1 000361 Fuzzy Decentralized Overlapping Control for Guidance of a Convoy of Robots in Non-linear Trajectories
Carlos Santos, Felipe Espinosa, Daniel Pizarro, Fernando Valdes, Enrique Santiso, Isabel Diaz
2 002976 Guiding and Regrouping People Missions in Urban Areas Using Cooperative Multi-Robot Task Allocation
Anaís Garrell, Oscar Sandoval-Torres, Josep M. Mirats-Tur, Alberto Sanfeliu
3 002682 Path Planning and Tracking for Robots Based on Cubic Hermite Splines in Real-Time
Petr Wagner, Jiri Kotzian, Jan Kordas, Viktor Michna
001295 Practical issues and Development of Underwater 3D Laser Scanners
Junjie Liu, Anthony Jakas, Ala Al-Obaidi, Yonghuai Liu
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